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20th Century Cottage, Co. Galway

This modern cottage is actually a renovation of an earlier partially complete structure and achieved 16 KWhr/m2year under Passive House Assessment, slightly short of the 15KWhr/m2year required for certification. The house featured in Passive House magazine.

" I received a professional, creative and time conscious service with a design that I am extremely happy with. Lester

took an interest in the project over and above anything I could have expected and it has been a real pleasure working with him. I very much appreciate the way he took responsibility for keeping things moving whilst at the same time always keeping me informed. I am very grateful to Lester for the ease and good experience I have had in working with him on this project." Catherine Ryan

"Barn House" Inverin Co. Galway

This unusual house takes the form of a typical barrel vaulted steel clad barn. Its is the split level design makes the most of the views and creates interesting interlinked spaces. The house is built to Passive House Standards of energy efficiency although falling short of certification due to the windows not been passive house certified. The house was featured in Passive House Plus Magazine June 2016 and The Sunday times July 2016.

Large Family Home, Galway City

Almost finished! This large family house in Galway City makes the most of its location and large garden with the entry to the west and living rooms arranged facing south over extensive gardens. The main living rooms are interlinked with large sliding doors allowing the family of seven maximum flexibility of use.

House Extension Spiddle, Co Galway

This project is an extension to an old council cottage. The rear garden is north west facing so the extension was kept to one side and opened out to face south west. A corner window extends out at the front and allows observation of the entrance while also catching the morning sun. Even though the extension was only insulated to minimum regulations standards, the use of triple glazing and some care with air-tightness meant the clients failed to notice the radiators not working during a snowy winter !

" It is brilliant to be in. It's all pretty fantastic really. Since we've moved in we're like the really annoying bit at the end of Grand Designs where Kevin and the couple start giving intangible and poetic qualities to space and walls. When we're talking I can imagine the camera sweeping low outside filming us through the big windows. Thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks" Declan Reilly

Renovations to a historic Cottage, Ennis, Co. Clare

This renovation project involved the rearranging an historic cottage with a dark 1980s kitchen and bathroom extension to the rear. The extension roof was removed and rebuilt with a large high space over the new kitchen and dinning area and a row of skylights catching the sun from early morning onward.

" Lesters Ideas, creativity, knowledge and skills. Spatial relations capacity was great to experience. The most important thing was the professionalism and support during the project. The sense of change and wow factor when I open the front door into the hallway. The living space with the introduction of light from all directions and the sense of space feels great.

For me it was a very good decision to have an architect on the project and good value for money. I am certain that I would not have got the building I have now if I didn't have an architect. Lester was dedicated, helpful, committed, solution oriented and was so knowledgeable on so many diverse areas. When the going got tough as it invariably does he was very supportive." Margaret Hennessy

Not all projects are undertaken with a full service provided. Above are three projects where a design to planning stage only was provided. On the left a large family home in Galway, Center a rear extension in Galway City and right a large new house near Westport.

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