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We are delighted we got planning for this cottage extension. The original cottage faces nearly south to the sea and there is a bay around to the west. The extension is designed to follow the natural slope and direct the view to the twelve bens behind. The roof slopes up to grab the sun ensuring bright and pleasant rooms.

"Rome wasn't built in a day....but it was the builders original estimate"

Formed in 2007 our practice is centred around the conviction that good design will positively influence quality of life and that Architecture is not a luxury. We believe that light, sun and space are as important as form and beauty and that, whether applied to the smallest extension to the largest new urban centre, good design multiplies a buildings value beyond the cost of mere bricks and mortar. We specialize in not only designing a building that will bring delight but that in its execution will be energy efficient and comfortable. We apply passive house principles to all projects to ensure comfort and cost effectiveness.

Architect, Architect Galway, Architect Mayo, Architect Clare, House design, Energy Efficiency, Passive House Design, Project Management, Assigned Certifier, Design Certifier.

We are proud to have participated scince 2007 in the annual Simon Open Door fundraising event.

“I just wanted to let you know that we had a very positive experience with Lester Naughton as part of the open door fundraiser. Lester was so enthusiastic and full of great ideas. Thanks so much for this imaginative way of contributing!"

Anita Mc Gonigle

"Thank you for the opportunity provided by this fundraiser to tap into expert advice whilst at the same time helping the Simon Communities of Ireland. Every aspect of Simon Open Door 2008 ran smoothly and I received an excellent service from Lester Naughton in Galway, over and above anything I could have expected. With such goodwill I believe all the participants will benefit from the experience. It's a win/win. Thank you and very best wishes,"


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